Aims and Scope

The journal aims to bridge up the interdisciplinary studying human habitat of the EURO-MED region (from architecture and urbanism to territorial planning) and its sustainable development (including the relationship between man-dominated and natural systems), integrated analysis and territorial management from a joint theoretical and practical (focused on planning) perspective. The journal strives to embed high-quality studies, especially for the two disciplines focused on graphical content - architecture, urban and territorial planning.

The objective of the journal is to foresight actions towards resilient cities and housing strategies. Seeking to facilitate the UfM’s ongoing multi-stakeholder consultation process on the Action Plan 2040, through documenting scientific research activities of research clusters which are working together on the strategic plan for resilient cities and affordable housing 2040.

The increasing needs to promote a deeper understanding of the emerging parameters and aspects of the region triggers the need to have a scientific platform at which academicians, professionals, and stakeholders, work together to address and take action to achieve resilient structures. Therefore, governmental, and non-governmental organizations come together from different littoral states in the Mediterranean, besides Jordan, towards setting pillars to achieve the objective of the UFM action plan 2040.

Accordingly, The Journal offers science-led strategic foresight and guidance for sustainable and resilient Mediterranean cities. The themes draw upon scientific knowledge and research to render regional policies and practices as future-proof as possible. Schools of Architecture and Urbanism are considered as potential driving forces and pivots of deep, science-led transformation and integration in the region.